Get started with Serverless Framework Open Source & AWS

Getting started with Serverless Framework’s Open Source CLI and AWS takes only a few minutes. Install as a standalone binary, or with npm.

Install as a standalone binary


To install the latest version, run this command in your terminal:

curl -o- -L | bash

To install an specific version you may set a VERSION variable, for example:

curl -o- -L | VERSION=2.21.1 bash

Then, open another terminal window to run the serverless program.


Install with Chocolatey:

choco install serverless

via npm

Note: If you don’t already have Node on your machine, you’ll need to install it first. We suggest using the latest LTS version of NodeJS.

Install the serverless CLI:

npm install -g serverless

Initial setup

Run the command below and follow the prompts:


The command will guide you to create a new serverless project.

Note: Users in China are presented with a setup centered around the chinese Tencent provider. If you're based in China and prefer to be presented with steps as outside of China, set the following environment variable: SERVERLESS_PLATFORM_VENDOR=aws



serverless upgrade


choco upgrade serverless

via npm

npm update -g serverless

Set up your free Pro account

Learn more about Serverless Framework Pro and sign up for free.

Once you’ve signed up for Pro, login to your Pro dashboard from the CLI:

serverless login

You can either add a new service in your dashboard, or with the CLI, using the command:

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