The way cloud should be.

Serverless is your toolkit for deploying and operating serverless architectures. Focus on your application, not your infrastructure.

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Serverless Framework

Rapid serverless deployment

Turn 200 lines of code into 4. At 18,000 stars on GitHub, the Framework started a movement.

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Event Gateway

Centralize events & data

Span the cloud. React to any event, with any function, on any provider.

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Build faster with serverless architectures.

Develop, test and deploy in a single environment, to any cloud provider. You don’t have to provision infrastructure or worry about scale. Serverless teams cut time to market in half.

Automatic Scaling

Serverless backends expand and contract with demand. Go get on the front page of HackerNews, we dare you.

Provider Agnostic

Build, test and deploy cloud functions to any provider. Skip the setup; deploy your function right now.

Rapid deployment

Serverless cuts weeks off development cycles. Don’t spend time provisioning unused infrastructure.

“The Serverless Framework is a core component of The Coca-Cola Company's initiative to reduce IT operational costs and deploy services faster.”

Patrick Brandt

Solutions Architect at The Coca-Cola Company

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