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Kuhirō founder Russell Sullivan came to chat with us about the latest hot topic in serverless—CRDTs.

CRDTs got several mentions at ServerlessConf 2017 in NYC, but not many people fully understand what they do, or what their potential is. (...yet.)

Russell's talk will take you through some important concepts. Get up to speed on NearCloud, CRDTs, and Kuhirō.


Serverless Meetups

Want to join a meetup in your city and hear cool talks like Russell's? Want to run a meetup in your city and facilitate cool talks like Russell's?

Head on over to our Meetups page to join in.

About Andrea Passwater

Andrea leads growth marketing at Serverless.

 - 11.05.17

The Multi-Provider Future of Serverless Application Development [Video]

Serverless Product Manager Brian Neisler gives tips for overcoming provider lock-in to create more portability and freedom in your Serverless projects.

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No Server November: Join the #noServerNovember challenge!

All November, we're posting a series of serverless challenges. Do the challenge, tweet it out, and you might get swag!

written by Andrea Passwater

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