#Join a Serverless Meetup

Serverless Meetups are a place to connect with other serverless enthusiasts and devs using the Serverless Framework in cities around the world. Facilitated by local organizers with support from the makers of the Serverless Framework, these gatherings showcase devs sharing their experience and best practices for building serverless architectures.

Serverless Meetups are for users of the Serverless Framework and anyone interested in learning about serverless architectures, in general. Meetups include time to socialize over food and drinks, plus talks from serverless pioneers showcasing their projects or seeking feedback.

Maintaining an inclusive, welcoming environment at our Meetups is something we take seriously. Harassment or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated and we expect all participants to adhere to our Anti-Discrimination-Harassment Policy at all Meetups and events.

#Want to get involved in a Serverless Meetup? Here’s how:

  • Join - We host Serverless Meetups in cities around the world. Check out our list of active Meetups and join one near you.

  • Lead - Didn’t find a Meetup in your city, but you’re a serverless enthusiast? Do you have strong local connections and organizational skills? We work with local partners to help launch new Serverless Meetups. Click here to learn more about becoming an organizer..

  • Speak - We’re always looking for serverless innovators to present to the group, whether or not you’re using our framework. Ready to share your project with the world? We want to hear about your experience, code, developer tools and process. Submit here to give a presentation, workshop or lightning talk at one of our Meetups.

  • Sponsor - These Meetups wouldn’t be possible without the support of our generous sponsors and community partners. Let us know if you’re interested in hosting a Meetup in your office space, providing food, drinks or other resources. Contact stefanie@serverless.com to find out more about becoming a sponsor.


Contact stefanie@serverless.com for more info on the Serverless Global Meetups Program or Sponsorship.