The easy, open way to build serverless applications

The Serverless Framework is an open-source CLI for building and deploying serverless applications. With over 6 million deployments handled, the Serverless Framework is the tool developers trust to build cloud applications.

Infrastructure as Code

With the Serverless Framework you can define your entire Serverless application, utilizing popular Serverless technologies like AWS Lambda, with a simple yaml configuration file.

Simple Serverless Development

The Serverless Framework provides a simple, intuitive CLI experience that makes it easy to develop and deploy applications to cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM OpenWhisk, and more.

Provider Agnostic

The Serverless Framework is open source and provider agnostic, meaning you only need one tool to tap in to the power of all the cloud providers.

Supports Top Cloud Providers

Serverless Framework Use Cases

These are the 3 main use cases for the Serverless Framework that you should know about.

Simple, scaleable APIs

The Serverless Framework provides a simple way to develop infinitely scaleable, pay-per-execution APIs. A single configuration file allows you to list your functions and define the endpoints that they’re subscribed to. Hit deploy and you’re live. With native support for AWS API Gateway, Event Gateway, and more you can utilize the tools you know and trust with a single experience.

Easy Automation

The Serverless Framework makes automating anything quick and easy. Simply subscribe a function to the event and let the framework take care of the rest.

Data Processing

Transforming data and building data pipelines has never been easier.

"The Serverless Framework is a core component of The Coca-Cola Company's initiative to reduce IT operational costs and deploy services faster."
Coca Cola
Patrick Brandt

Solutions Architect at The Coca Cola Company


Minimum Configuration

Define your entire Serverless application with a single yaml configuration file.

Robust Ecosystem

The Serverless Framework community has built and published hundreds of plugins to extend the framework’s functionality and example projects to get you started quickly.

Multi Lingual

Don’t be hamstrung by just one language: write functions in python, node.js, java, Go, scala, C# and more.

Cloud Agnostic

All your cloud services are now compatible with one another: share cross-cloud functions and events with AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure, IBM OpenWhisk and Google Cloud Platform.

Application Lifecycle Management

With built in support for local development, stages, rollback and more, the framework is loaded with the functionality you need to manage the lifecycle of your application.

Streaming Logs

Streaming logs from your functions directly in to your CLI, making it easy to rapidly debug and troubleshoot.

Easy, open Serverless development.

serverless framework
open source

An open-source CLI for building and deploying serverless applications

Support for AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and more

Community provided plugins, examples and support

serverless framework

Everything in open source plus…

Serverless Secrets, to help you onboard new developers efficiently and securely

Enterprise enablement and best practices workshop, led by serverless experts

Serverless Safeguards, to ensure operational and security best practices are followed

Custom plugin and use case template development

Serverless Insights to help you monitor, debug and optimize your applications

Business hour or 24/7 support options

New to serverless?

To get started, pop open your terminal & run:

npm install serverless -g