Serverless Framework

Open-source CLI for building serverless architectures. At 22,000 stars on GitHub, the Serverless Framework started a movement.

★ 22,373
5.3M deploys

The easy, open serverless workflow.

Serverless Framework is your single toolkit for deploying serverless architectures to any provider. You build the features, we configure the infrastructure. Done.

Provider agnostic

Centrally deploy to AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IBM OpenWhisk.

Extensible with plugins

Use dozens community-made plugins, or make a new one specific to your application. Framework is open source and easy to build for.


Don’t be hamstrung by just one language: write functions in python, node.js, java, scala or C#.

Automatic scaling

Don’t spend time and resources provisioning unused infrastructure. Serverless architectures expand and contract on demand, cutting server costs by more than half.

Faster iteration

Develop and deploy infinitely scalable applications within minutes. Provision and deploy a REST API or data pipeline without provisioning resources.

Unified dev experience

Develop, test and deploy functions and the events they react to on any cloud provider. Manage your services and functions in one place--from the CLI.

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