event gateway

React to any event on any cloud.

The Event Gateway is an event router designed for event-driven, serverless architectures. It makes it easy to wire functions to http endpoints, react to business events with serverless functions, and to share event subscriptions with others.

Simplify API development

Simplify API The Event Gateway is the simplest developer experience for wiring Serverless functions to http endpoints.

React to custom events

Expand your Serverless use-cases by reacting to any custom event with Serverless functions.

Vendor Choice

The Event Gateway is open source and cloud agnostic, allowing for more choice and flexibility.

Event Gateway Use Cases

These are the 3 main use cases for Event Gateway that you should know about.

Simple, serverless APIs

Use the Event Gateway alongside with Serverless Framework to get the simplest, most productive developer experience possible for developing APIs. A single configuration file allows you to list your functions and define the endpoints that they’re subscribed to. Hit deploy and you’re live.

Simple, serverless APIs

Subscribe functions to webhooks

The Event Gateway makes it dead simple to wire functions to any customer event, including webhooks

Subscribe functions to webhooks

Multi-provider service

The Event Gateway is cloud agnostic, allowing for more vendor choice and flexibility.

Multi-provider service


API Gateway

Easily subscribe FaaS functions to HTTP endpoints. Setup multiple Serverless services under a single domain, even across AWS accounts.


Take advantage of pub/sub functionality but utilizing custom events. This allows you to process the same event with multiple systems.

Connector Functions

Automatically route events to external systems like Kinesis, Firehose, SQS, etc.

Platform Agnostic

All your cloud services are now compatible with one another; share cross-cloud functions and events with AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure, IBM OpenWhisk and Google Cloud Platform.

Streaming Events

Data streams in you application become events. Centralize events from any cloud provider to get a bird’s eye view of all the data flowing through your cloud.

Shareable events

Share events and functions to other parts of the application. Your teammates can find them and utilize them in their own services.

New to serverless?

To get started, pop open your terminal & run:

npm install serverless -g