Event Gateway

React to any event, with any function, on any provider. Break away from the single cloud experience.'

API gateway + pub/sub

A single piece of infrastructure for any type of serverless application.

Extendable through middleware

Perform data transforms, authorizations, serializations, and other custom computes straight from the Gateway.

Platform agnostic

All your cloud services are now compatible with one another: share cross-cloud functions and events with AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure, IBM OpenWhisk and Google Cloud Platform.

Send events from any cloud

Data streams in your application become events. Centralize events from any cloud provider to get a bird’s eye view of all the data flowing through your cloud.

React to cross-cloud events

You aren’t locked in to events and functions being on the same provider: Any event, on any cloud, can trigger any function. Set events and functions up like dominoes and watch them fall.

Expose events to your team

Share events and functions to other parts of the application. Your teammates can find them and utilize them in their own services.