serverless framework


The total serverless solution

Out-of-the-box monitoring, alerts, secrets, policy enforcement and more.
Serverless Framework Enterprise features
An end-to-end toolkit for serverless application management that helps your team move fast, safely.

1. Troubleshoot like a boss

Serverless Framework Enterprise includes a complete monitoring and alerting feature-set called Serverless Insights. Automagically upon deployment, your Functions will be instrumented to generate performance information and alerts, like "Deployments", "Unusual Invocation Rates" and "New Error Detected".

When a new error is detected in your code, we’ll tell you about it immediately, and we’ll even tell you where it is.

2. Inject best practices

Serverless Framework Enterprise includes its own policy engine called Serverless Safeguards, which comes pre-configured with policies to enforce development, operational and security best practices like, restricted-deploy-times, required-stack-tags, and no-wild-iam-role-statements.

We will warn you if your application contains any well known architectural anti-patterns and help you fix the problem.

3. Simplify security

With Serverless Secrets, you can easily manage and delegate access to sensitive information your serverless applications require (e.g. access keys). You can create secrets within the Enterprise console and reference them via the Serverless Framework’s variable system.

You can also create a special type of secret that gives your developers and CI/CD systems temporary access to deploy to your cloud accounts.

Plus: Support from the team that brought you the Serverless Framework

Dedicated support from serverless experts to help you architect, develop, secure and operate your serverless applications.

Enterprise use cases for serverless

See full architecture diagrams with time-to-market estimates for common serverless use cases in our white paper.

“With Serverless Framework Enterprise, our developers were able to focus on building out what was needed. They could just code.”
Shamrock Trading Corporation
Tim Bachta

CTO of Shamrock Trading Corporation

Prefer to go at it alone first? That’s ok!

Install Serverless Framework Open Source.

serverless framework
open source

An open-source CLI for building and deploying serverless applications

Support for AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and more

Community provided plugins, examples and support

serverless framework

A hosted or self-hosted console that helps you build more and manage less

Simplifies secrets management, injects best practices, and delivers actionable, troubleshooting insights

Dedicated support and service from serverless experts

New to serverless?

To get started, pop open your terminal & run:

npm install serverless -g