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Serverless Framework Enterprise features

1. Serverless Secrets: onboarding enablement and control

New team members can start contributing immediately, without needing to set up or maintain cloud credentials.

2. Serverless Safeguards: safer deployments

Pre-defined security policies enforce best practices across the team.

3. Serverless Insights: monitor application health

Our dashboard provides proactive tips so you can make your applications as efficient as possible: real-time cost and performance analysis, actionable operations events, and more.

Plus: 24/7 Support from the team that brought you the Serverless Framework

Dedicated training and support around CI/CD, serverless DevOps, architecture design, and more.

Enterprise use cases for serverless

See full architecture diagrams with time-to-market estimates for common serverless use cases in our white paper.

Or install
Framework Open Source

serverless framework
open source

An open-source CLI for building and deploying serverless applications

Support for AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and more

Community provided plugins, examples and support

serverless framework

Everything in open source plus…

Serverless Secrets, to help you onboard new developers efficiently and securely

Enterprise enablement and best practices workshop, led by serverless experts

Serverless Safeguards, to ensure operational and security best practices are followed

Custom plugin and use case template development

Serverless Insights to help you monitor, debug and optimize your applications

Business hour or 24/7 support options

New to serverless?

To get started, pop open your terminal & run:

npm install serverless -g