Visualize, monitor & collaborate on serverless applications

Visualize Your Applications

The Serverless Dashboard gives your team a shared overview of the functions, events, and subscriptions that make up your serverless application.

Streamline Development

View your application logs and metrics from within the UI to ease debugging and increase velocity.

Collaborate & Manage Access

Control your security and compliance needs by managing which team members have access to which cloud resources.

Serverless Dashboard Use Cases

These are the 3 main use cases for the Serverless Dashboard that you should know about.

Onboarding new team members

The Serverless Dashboard makes onboarding new team members easy, quick, and secure. Architecture visualizions help them get up to speed on your applications, sandbox accounts provide them a safe learning enviroment, and user access controls allow for a secure experience.

Onboarding new team members

Operating at scale

The Serverless Dashboard provides the tools you need to build, deploy, and operate Servleress applications at scale. Logging, metrics, and deep observability help you accomplish more with serverless technology.

Operating at scale

Operate applications, not infrastructure

The Serverless Dashboard provides an operations experience that is centered on applications, not on infrastrucutre. Regardless of their cloud experience, any developer will have the power to manage and operate serverless applications from development to production.

Operate applications, not infrastructure


Architecture Visualization

Let your team share the functions, events, and subscriptions that make up your serverless application.

Easy Logs

Access logs from within the dashboard, making it easier to debug and deploy your serverless applications.

User Access Control

Manage which team members have access to which cloud resources, making security and compliance for serverless seamless.

Application Metrics

View all vital serverless application metrics in one place, making serverless operations simple and intuitive.

Streaming Events

Data streams in you application become events. Centralize events from any cloud provider to get a bird’s eye view of all the data flowing through your cloud.

Audit Logs

View and manage key operations events, such as deployments, in one single place for all your serverless applications.

New to serverless?

To get started, pop open your terminal & run:

npm install serverless -g

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