The Serverless Team

We're a passionate group of developers, writers, and operators who love what we do. Half of us work in the San Francisco office with the other half distributed across the globe. We get together twice a year at different exotic retreat locations to keep the good vibes flowing.

Austen Collins

Founder & CEO - Software engineering leader tired of managing infrastructure.

David Wells

Full Stack JavaScript Developer and ramen enthusiast

Ganesh RK

VP of Engineering & Productivity hacker

Casey Shultz

Head of Operations and Mysore yoga addict

Nick Gottlieb

Head of Growth and global man of mystery

Philipp Müns

Framework Core Developer and resident Jean Claude van Damme

Eslam Hefnawy

Framework Core Developer on the other side of the planet

Maciej Winnicki

Platform Backend Engineer and proud new father

Rupak Ganguly

Technology Evangelist who loves to code, mentor and share the knowledge.

Brian Neisler

Technology entrepreneur, product manager, software architect.

Alex Debrie

Husker fan and Lead Pythonista

Andrea Passwater

Writer, powerlifter, cactus enthusiast.

Jeremy Coffield

Type-theory esotericist who knows kung fu

Felix Desroches

Surfer-designer & Third Culture Kid