Serverless Framework
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Easy YAML + CLI development and deployment to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud & more.
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Build serverless APIs, data processing pipelines, scheduled tasks, and more

The Serverless Framework CLI is the simplest way to develop infinitely scalable, pay-per-execution serverless applications. A single configuration file allows you to list your functions and define the endpoints that they’re subscribed to. It provides structure, automation and best practices out-of-the-box, allowing you to focus on building sophisticated, event-driven, serverless architectures, comprised of functions and events.

Deploy with a single command

Under the hood, the Serverless Framework CLI deploys your code to a cloud provider like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Apache OpenWhisk, Cloudflare Workers, or a Kubernetes-based solution like Kubeless. With support for all major cloud providers, the Serverless Framework CLI provides a single, cross-provider developer experience. Hit deploy and you’re live.

Run serverless apps locally

The Serverless Framework CLI manages your code as well as your infrastructure, and provides support for local testing of your serverless applications. With support for multiple languages (Node.js, Python, Java, and more), the Serverless Framework CLI offers the lowest total cost of ownership for building production scale full serverless applications.

Deploy to multiple cloud providers

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