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guides & tutorials - 06.12.18

DynamoDB On-Demand: When, why and how to use it in your serverless applications

DynamoDB On-Demand allows truly serverless billing for your applications. Learn how to use it here, and when you should or shouldn't go on-demand.

written by Alex DeBrie

A Serverless Twitter bot helps house Camp Fire victims

When the California Camp Fire displaced thousands of people from their homes, I built a simple serverless Twitter bot to help people get placed in temporary housing!

written by Eric Wyne

guides & tutorials - 04.12.18

Building an API with Ruby and the Serverless Framework

AWS Lambda now supports Ruby! Here's how you can get started and build an API with the Serverless Framework.

written by Jared Short

guides & tutorialsnews - 29.11.18

How to publish and use AWS Lambda Layers with the Serverless Framework

Learn about AWS's recently introduced Lambda Layers and how to publish and use them with Serverless Framework.

written by Daniel Schep

guides & tutorialsnews - 26.11.18

The re:Invent serverless virtual hackathon begins NOW

We’re closing out #NoServerNovember with a special-edition virtual hackathon for AWS re:Invent. Participate from anywhere, win cool prizes.

written by Thom Crowe

guides & tutorials - 19.11.18

Building a chat application using AWS AppSync and Serverless

Let's build a chat app using AWS AppSync and the Serverless Framework! Plus: info on data sources, metrics and logs, and authentication.

written by Alex DeBrie

guides & tutorials - 09.11.18

Introducing FONK: a serverless LAMP stack for K8S

How do you compare the top five FaaS on K8S runtimes? Write the same web app design pattern on all of them. Read more on FONK, a Serverless LAMP stack for K8S.

written by Pete Johnson

guides & tutorialsnews - 01.11.18

No Server November: Join the #noServerNovember challenge!

All November, we're posting a series of serverless challenges. Do the challenge, tweet it out, and you might get swag!

written by Andrea Passwater

guides & tutorials - 04.10.18

Common Node8 mistakes in Lambda

Here are some common mistakes people make when authoring Lambda functions with Node.js 8.10.

written by Yan Cui

newsguides & tutorials - 11.09.18

Use Cloudflare Workers + Serverless Framework to add reliability and uptime to your FaaS

Cloudflare Workers integrates with the Serverless Framework. Use Cloudflare Workers to add reliability and uptime to your existing FaaS!

written by Raees Bhatti

Things to consider before building a serverless data warehouse

Is it time for the rise of the serverless data warehouse? Read this post to find out, and for some serverless data warehousing pro-tips and considerations.

written by Ashan Fernando

guides & tutorials - 21.08.18

Strategies for implementing user authentication in serverless applications

Implementing user authentication in serverless applications: storing user info with sessions & JWT, token validity with Lambda Custom Authorizers, user management & more.

written by Jeremy Coffield

newsguides & tutorials - 16.08.18

Host your own CNCF CloudEvents compatible Event Gateway on Kubernetes, point to any FaaS

The Serverless Event Gateway quickstart for Kubernetes. Host your own private Event Gateway, point to any FaaS provider with CloudEvents.

written by Sebastian Borza

How to streamline your serverless workflow with WebStorm

In this post, I’d like to share with you my serverless-specific IDE setup with WebStorm, and how it can massively accelerate your serverless workflow.

written by Eslam Hefnawy

guides & tutorials - 09.08.18

Deploy a REST API using Serverless, Django and Python

Use the Serverless Framework, Django, SQLite and Python to quickly deploy a REST API.

written by Efi Merdler-Kravitz

Google Cloud Functions goes GA: what it means for Serverless

Google Cloud Functions hits general availability. A big step forward for FaaS, vendor choice, and the serverless community.

written by Nick Gottlieb

guides & tutorials - 24.07.18

Using TensorFlow and the Serverless Framework for deep learning and image recognition

We’ll cover how to use TensorFlow, the Serverless Framework, AWS Lambda and API Gateway to deploy a simple deep learning model.

written by Rustem Feyzkhanov

guides & tutorials - 23.07.18

Efficient APIs with GraphQL and Serverless

When to use GraphQL, why it simplifies APIs, and how to do it Serverless-ly.

written by Jeremy Coffield

Unit testing for Node.js Serverless projects with Jest

Create unit tests for Node.js using the Serverless Framework, run tests on CI, and check off our list of serverless testing best practices.

written by Eslam Hefnawy

guides & tutorials - 12.07.18

Build and deploy a Serverless Node.js app powered by Cosmic JS

Get started with the Cosmic JS Serverless Starter app. Transform any Node.js app into an infinitely scalable Node.js Serverless app.

written by Tony Spiro

Using SQS with AWS Lambda and Serverless

Get started with Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Serverless, and learn some of the important configuration options.

written by Alex DeBrie

On serverless, data lock-in and vendor choice

Vendor choice is the most important thing IT leaders could be thinking about today. And the path to achieving it is data portability.

written by Nick Gottlieb

guides & tutorials - 06.06.18

Build a Serverless GeoSearch GraphQL API using AWS AppSync & Elasticsearch

Learn how to build a GraphQL location search service similar to AirBnB's using a fully serverless stack on AWS.

written by Andrew Griffiths

guides & tutorials - 02.06.18

How to write your first Serverless Component

A step-by-step tutorial for writing your first Serverless Component, and then using it to build a serverless application.

written by Rupak Ganguly

guides & tutorials - 31.05.18

How to Create a Dynamic Site with Pre-built Serverless Components

A step-by-step tutorial that guides you through creating a dynamic website with pre-built Serverless Components.

written by Eslam Hefnawy

guides & tutorials - 14.05.18

Create a blog using pre-built Serverless Components and Hugo

Learn how to use pre-built Serverless Components and a static site generator like Hugo to create and deploy a blog site.

written by Rupak Ganguly

guides & tutorials - 07.05.18

How to create a REST API with pre-written Serverless Components

How to create a fully-fledged REST API application using pre-written components from the Serverless Components project.

written by Philipp Müns

Fn Project brings containerized, cloud-agnostic functions to a cloud near you

The Fn Project is an open source, container-native serverless platform that you can run anywhere—on any cloud or on-premise.

written by David Wells

guides & tutorials - 30.04.18

How to create a landing page with serverless components

Using serverless components to build a static website landing page.

written by David Wells

Automating a CI workflow for a Python serverless app with CircleCI

An end-to-end look at continuous integration with Python, Serverless and CircleCI.

written by Rupak Ganguly

newsguides & tutorials - 25.04.18

What are Serverless Components, and how do I use them?

Serverless Components gives you a way to compose and share parts of a cloud application. Serverless development just got even easier.

written by Brian Neisler

How to manage canary deployments on Lambda via the Serverless Framework

Never again fear breaking your Serverless application due to integration issues.

written by David García

guides & tutorials - 16.04.18

How to create a REST API in Java using DynamoDB and Serverless

Build a serverless REST API service in Java, store the data in a DynamoDB table, and deploy it to AWS. All using the Serverless Framework.

written by Rupak Ganguly

guides & tutorials - 05.04.18

A DynamoDB-backed CRUDL example using Golang

What a veteran coder learned about Golang by building a working CRUDL serverless example.

written by Pete Johnson

newsguides & tutorials - 02.04.18

AWS Lambda Node.js 8 support: what it changes for serverless developers

AWS Lambda just moved to support Node.js 8.10. This is what serverless developers need to know.

written by David Wells

When (and why) not to go serverless

The benefits, and the drawbacks, to serverless are real. When (and why) not to go serverless.

written by Andrea Passwater

How to contribute to Serverless open source projects

Interested in contributing to Serverless open source projects? Here's how you can.

written by Andrea Passwater

Serverless Workarounds for CloudFormation's 200 Resource Limit

How you can troubleshoot, and avoid hitting, CloudFormation's 200 resource limit

written by Alex DeBrie

ETL job processing with Serverless, Lambda, and AWS Redshift

Build an ETL job service by fetching data from a public API endpoint and dumping it into an AWS Redshift database.

written by Rupak Ganguly

guides & tutorials - 14.02.18

Running a scalable & reliable GraphQL endpoint with Serverless

Learn how to create GraphQL endpoints using the Serverless Framework, Lambda, DynamoDB, RDS and a REST backend.

written by Siddharth Gupta

Fantastic Serverless security risks, and where to find them

A breakdown of the top serverless security risks, and steps you can take to secure your serverless applications.

written by Adnan Rahic

guides & tutorials - 06.02.18

Implement real-time updates using Lambda and Websockets via IoT

Need a serverless way to give your app updated data in real-time? Try this solution with Websockets and Lambda.

written by Turner Houghton

Using the Serverless Dashboard plugin for Atom

Making it easier to manage serverless applications from within the Atom editor

written by Rupak Ganguly

Build a multi-region, multi-master application with Serverless and DynamoDB Global Tables

We're going to create a multi-region, multi-master, geo-routed application—all in about 30 minutes.

written by Alex DeBrie

Where to start: the most popular Framework plugins

Take your Serverless development to the next level. Check out our most popular community plugins.

written by Andrea Passwater

guides & tutorials - 18.01.18

Serverless Framework example for Golang and Lambda

AWS Lambda Golang support is one of the most exciting announcements of 2018. Here's a quick template for using Go with the Serverless Framework!

written by Maciej Winnicki

Your CORS and API Gateway survival guide

Get the basics on Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) and how to avoid problems with your Serverless web APIs on Lambda.

written by Alex DeBrie

How to use AWS Fargate and Lambda for long-running processes in a Serverless app

We'll show you how to process a video file that extracts a thumbnail in Amazon ECS using Fargate and Lambda

written by Rupak Ganguly

guides & tutorials - 08.01.18

How To Manage Your Alexa Skills With Serverless

How to manage Alexa Skills and Lambda functions with Serverless Framework + Alexa Skills Plugin

written by Masashi Terui

guides & tutorials - 03.01.18

Build a Github webhook handler with Serverless & AWS Lambda

Deploy a Serverless service that posts notifications of Github stars in a Slack channel

written by Alex DeBrie

guides & tutorials - 18.12.17

How to build a static Serverless site with Netlify

How manages their static, serverless website with Netlify and the Serverless Framework.

written by David Wells

guides & tutorials - 14.12.17

Building & testing an Alexa skill with the Serverless Bespoken plugin

Building an Alexa skill is easier than you think! And it's even easier with the Serverless Framework and Bespoken plugin.

written by John Kelvie

Automating CI/CD workflow for serverless apps with CircleCI

There are big benefits to using serverless architectures in continuous integration & deployment (CI/CD) processes. We'll show you why, and how to do it.

written by Rupak Ganguly

Serverless Aurora: What it means and why it's the future of data

Learn what Serverless Aurora is, what it means for serverless developers, and why we think it's the future of data. Solving the serverless data layer.

written by Alex DeBrie

guides & tutorials - 21.11.17

A Game of Throne: hacking a bathroom queue with Serverless and IoT

Miss our October Serverless SF Meetup? Here's the video! Learn how to hack a hectic bathroom queue serverless-ly with IoT sensors.

written by Andrea Passwater

Birth of the NearCloud: on CRDTs and Kuhiro

Miss our October Serverless SF Meetup? Here's the video! Learn all about CRDTs from the founder of Kuhiro, Russell Sullivan.

written by Andrea Passwater

guides & tutorials - 16.11.17

Build a Python REST API with Serverless, Lambda, and DynamoDB

Deploy a Serverless REST API in minutes using the popular Flask web framework

written by Alex DeBrie

The ABCs of IAM: Managing permissions with Serverless

Learn the basics of IAM permissions with your Serverless projects.

written by Alex DeBrie

CRDTs explained - supercharge your serverless with CRDTs at the Edge

How to supercharge your serverless with CRDTs at the edge. Your comprehensive CRDT explainer.

written by Russell Sullivan

How to Test Serverless Applications

Tips from the Serverless team - how we test serverless applications.

written by Eslam Hefnawy

guides & tutorials - 20.10.17

How to Make a Serverless GraphQL API using Lambda and DynamoDB

GraphQL and Serverless play so well together. Learn how to make your own GraphQL API using Lambda an DynamoDB.

written by Jeremy Coffield

Managing secrets, API keys and more with Serverless

Use Lambda environment variables and AWS Parameter Store to handle configuration in your Serverless projects

written by Alex DeBrie

Serverless (FaaS) vs. Containers - when to pick which?

Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless? Let's discuss the respective ups and downs of containers and serverless.

written by Philipp Müns

guides & tutorials - 04.10.17

Deploy a REST API using Serverless, Express and Node.js

Learn how to use the popular Express.js framework to deploy a REST API with Serverless, DynamoDB and API Gateway.

written by Alex DeBrie

How to deploy multiple micro-services under one API domain with Serverless

Learn how to use the same domain name for multiple Serverless services with API Gateway base path mappings.

written by Alex DeBrie

guides & tutorials - 11.09.17

How to set up a custom domain name for Lambda & API Gateway with Serverless

Learn how to set up a custom domain name for AWS Lambda & API Gateway using the Serverless Framework to configure a clean domain name for your services.

written by Alex DeBrie

guides & tutorials - 04.08.17

How to Handle your Python packaging in Lambda with Serverless plugins

Handling Python dependencies in your Lambda functions can be a pain. Here's how I handle Python packaging with Serverless for dev/prod parity.

written by Alex DeBrie

Why we switched from docker to serverless

Why we decided to migrate our services running on docker containers to serverless stack using aws lambda functions and aws api gateway

written by Asanka Nissanka

DevOps Use Cases With Serverless Variables

Serverless Framework Engineer Eslam Hefnawy explores creative use cases for using Serverless Variables to optimize and automate operations.

written by Eslam Hefnawy

Keeping Functions Warm - How To Fix AWS Lambda Cold Start Issues

Learn how to prevent cold start in your Lambda functions with the Serverless WarmUp plugin.

written by Gonçalo Neves

guides & tutorials - 07.12.16

How to Create a Fast, Secure, and Scalable Open Source Blog with React + Markdown

How serverless used to create a fast, secure, and scalable open source blog powered by React & Markdown

written by David Wells

guides & tutorials - 30.11.16

How to build a serverless notification system on AWS

Guest author Diego Zanon writes about building a serverless notification system for browsers using the Serverless Framework and AWS IoT.

written by Diego Zanon

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