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How to Troubleshoot Serverless API’s

Find out how we go about debugging and troubleshooting our Serverless APIs with Serverless Framework Pro

written by Gareth McCumskey

Resolve Serverless Errors the Easy Way- with Tags

Tag your Lambdas to track errors and debug serverless applications. If you’re using NodeJS or Python, we’ll help you find even the trickiest serverless application errors faster.

written by Verne Lindner

Take the legwork out of API Gateway troubleshooting

Tag your Lambdas to track errors and debug serverless applications. If you’re using NodeJS or Python, we’ll help you find even the trickiest serverless application errors faster.

written by Verne Lindner

Using AWS CloudTrail to enhance your serverless application security

Learn how to harness AWS CloudTrail to enhance your serverless application security posture.

written by Ory Segal

Things to consider before building a serverless data warehouse

Is it time for the rise of the serverless data warehouse? Read this post to find out, and for some serverless data warehousing pro-tips and considerations.

written by Ashan Fernando

The new Serverless Platform Beta: everything teams need to operationalize serverless development

The Serverless Platform Beta is everything teams need to operationalize serverless development. Build, operate, and integrate serverless applications in a single toolkit.

written by Austen Collins

Google Cloud Functions goes GA: what it means for Serverless

Google Cloud Functions hits general availability. A big step forward for FaaS, vendor choice, and the serverless community.

written by Nick Gottlieb

Unit testing for Node.js Serverless projects with Jest

Create unit tests for Node.js using the Serverless Framework, run tests on CI, and check off our list of serverless testing best practices.

written by Eslam Hefnawy

Using SQS with AWS Lambda and Serverless

Get started with Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Serverless, and learn some of the important configuration options.

written by Alex DeBrie

Fn Project brings containerized, cloud-agnostic functions to a cloud near you

The Fn Project is an open source, container-native serverless platform that you can run anywhere—on any cloud or on-premise.

written by David Wells

Automating a CI workflow for a Python serverless app with CircleCI

An end-to-end look at continuous integration with Python, Serverless and CircleCI.

written by Rupak Ganguly

How to manage canary deployments on Lambda via the Serverless Framework

Never again fear breaking your Serverless application due to integration issues.

written by David García

When (and why) not to go serverless

The benefits, and the drawbacks, to serverless are real. When (and why) not to go serverless.

written by Andrea Passwater

Serverless Workarounds for CloudFormation's 200 Resource Limit

How you can troubleshoot, and avoid hitting, CloudFormation's 200 resource limit

written by Alex DeBrie

Best tools for serverless observability

The current best tools for serverless observability: benefits, drawbacks, and which are right for you.

written by Andrea Passwater

ETL job processing with Serverless, Lambda, and AWS Redshift

Build an ETL job service by fetching data from a public API endpoint and dumping it into an AWS Redshift database.

written by Rupak Ganguly

Fantastic Serverless security risks, and where to find them

A breakdown of the top serverless security risks, and steps you can take to secure your serverless applications.

written by Adnan Rahic

Build a multi-region, multi-master application with Serverless and DynamoDB Global Tables

We're going to create a multi-region, multi-master, geo-routed application—all in about 30 minutes.

written by Alex DeBrie

Your CORS and API Gateway survival guide

Get the basics on Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) and how to avoid problems with your Serverless web APIs on Lambda.

written by Alex DeBrie

How to use AWS Fargate and Lambda for long-running processes in a Serverless app

We'll show you how to process a video file that extracts a thumbnail in Amazon ECS using Fargate and Lambda

written by Rupak Ganguly

The state of serverless observability—why we built Thundra

Here's where serverless observability is today. Learn why we decided to build yet another AWS Lambda monitoring solution, Thundra.

written by Serkan Özal

Automating CI/CD workflow for serverless apps with CircleCI

There are big benefits to using serverless architectures in continuous integration & deployment (CI/CD) processes. We'll show you why, and how to do it.

written by Rupak Ganguly

Serverless Aurora: What it means and why it's the future of data

Learn what Serverless Aurora is, what it means for serverless developers, and why we think it's the future of data. Solving the serverless data layer.

written by Alex DeBrie

Birth of the NearCloud: on CRDTs and Kuhiro

Miss our October Serverless SF Meetup? Here's the video! Learn all about CRDTs from the founder of Kuhiro, Russell Sullivan.

written by Andrea Passwater

The ABCs of IAM: Managing permissions with Serverless

Learn the basics of IAM permissions with your Serverless projects.

written by Alex DeBrie

CRDTs explained - supercharge your serverless with CRDTs at the Edge

How to supercharge your serverless with CRDTs at the edge. Your comprehensive CRDT explainer.

written by Russell Sullivan

Managing secrets, API keys and more with Serverless

Use Lambda environment variables and AWS Parameter Store to handle configuration in your Serverless projects

written by Alex DeBrie

How to Test Serverless Applications

Tips from the Serverless team - how we test serverless applications.

written by Eslam Hefnawy

Serverless (FaaS) vs. Containers - when to pick which?

Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless? Let's discuss the respective ups and downs of containers and serverless.

written by Philipp Müns

How to deploy multiple micro-services under one API domain with Serverless

Learn how to use the same domain name for multiple Serverless services with API Gateway base path mappings.

written by Alex DeBrie

Serverless Ops 102 - CloudWatch Logs and Centralized Logging with AWS Lambda

Monitor and Debug your Serverless Lambda functions with CloudWatch and centralized logging.

written by Alex DeBrie

Serverless Ops 101 - Using CloudWatch Metrics & Alarms with Serverless Functions

Level up your serverless ops game with a walkthrough on CloudWatch metrics and alarms

written by Alex DeBrie

DevOps Use Cases With Serverless Variables

Serverless Framework Engineer Eslam Hefnawy explores creative use cases for using Serverless Variables to optimize and automate operations.

written by Eslam Hefnawy

Keeping Functions Warm - How To Fix AWS Lambda Cold Start Issues

Learn how to prevent cold start in your Lambda functions with the Serverless WarmUp plugin.

written by Gonçalo Neves

CICD for Serverless Part 2 - AWS CodePipeline Integration

Part 2 of 2 on how to implement a CICD workflow for a Serverless project

written by Pete Johnson

CICD for Serverless Part 1 - Mocha Endpoint Testing

Part 1 of 2 on how to implement a CICD workflow for a Serverless project

written by Pete Johnson

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