Announcing: Serverless Workshops!

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#Why we started them

Let's be honest—serverless is still new. Maybe you only recently started looking into it. Maybe none of your coworkers even know what serverless is.

Maybe you've just deployed your first serverless API and you're dying to try it out on a larger scale.

We designed these workshops to help you (and your whole team) get the best practices and how-tos straight from us.

#What you'll learn

Learn how to deploy serverless APIs and applications from start to finish.

We'll cover things like serverless development, ops, monitoring, secrets, debugging and testing. Our goal is to get you ready to confidently create serverless applications, and give you the skillset you need to operationalize serverless.

#How to register

The workshops last one day. We're hosting them in cities across the US, plus a bonus stop in London.

Head over to the workshops page to get your name on the waitlist.

See you there!

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