How to Make a Serverless GraphQL API using Lambda and DynamoDB

GraphQL and Serverless play so well together. Learn how to make your own GraphQL API using Lambda an DynamoDB.
written byJeremy Coffield

Building an image recognition endpoint with Serverless and Google Cloud Functions.

Use Serverless, Google Cloud Functions, and the Cloud Vision API to build an endpoint to classify images.
written byAlex DeBrie

Embrace the mini CEO

Lessons learned in avoiding startup chaos. Embrace the mini CEO.
written byFelix Desroches

Managing secrets, API keys and more with Serverless

Use Lambda environment variables and AWS Parameter Store to handle configuration in your Serverless projects
written byAlex DeBrie

How (and why) we designed the Event Gateway

How do you design a tool that tows the line between 'exciting new ground' and 'real world practicality'? We asked a lot of those questions with the Event Gateway.
written byMaciej Winnicki

ServerlessConf 2017 Recap - NYC

Breakdowns of our favorite ServerlessConf talks, plus some high-level takeaways for the serverless community.
written byAndrea Passwater

How to plan a team retreat

Bi-annual retreats - how we improve communication and make remote teams work.
written byCasey Shultz

Serverless (FaaS) vs. Containers - when to pick which?

Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless? Let's discuss the respective ups and downs of containers and serverless.
written byPhilipp Müns

Your definitive guide to ServerlessConf 2017 in NYC

So many talks, which to choose? This is your field guide to getting the most out of ServerlessConf NYC - what to see, who to meet, where to get the best t-shirts.
written byAndrea Passwater

Deploy a REST API using Serverless, Express and Node.js

Learn how to use the popular Express.js framework to deploy a REST API with Serverless, DynamoDB and API Gateway.
written byAlex DeBrie

3 things I learned designing developer-centric tools at Serverless

As the newest product designer at Serverless, I had to ramp fast. Here's what I learned about keeping developers at the center of my design strategy.
written byFelix Desroches

What's new for Serverless plugins?

Being a Serverless plugin author has never been easier. Take advantage of these awesome new features to write your very own plugin.
written byFrank Schmid

Serverless monitoring - the good, the bad and the ugly

How to re-wire your brain to learn Serverless monitoring.
written byAdnan Rahic

How to deploy multiple micro-services under one API domain with Serverless

Learn how to use the same domain name for multiple Serverless services with API Gateway base path mappings.
written byAlex DeBrie

Webtasks brings node 8, no cold starts, and streamlined on-boarding to Serverless

Eliminate cold starts and get from zero to deploy in under 3 minutes with the Auth0 Webtasks provider integration
written byDavid Wells

How To Manage Your AWS Step Functions With Serverless

Managing complex workflows with Serverless and AWS Step Functions
written byTakahiro Horike

How to use multiple runtimes in a single serverless microservice

How to build an application using multiple runtimes to supported mixed-language development with the Serverless Framework
written byJeremy Coffield

Understanding and Controlling AWS Lambda Costs

Understand the cost structure of AWS Lambda and related products, and when they can lead to unpleasant billing surprises.
written byMayank Lahiri

Serverless v1.22 - CLI-based plugin discovery, encrypted variables support and new provider SpotInst

CLI based plugin management, SSM via Serverless Variables, Spotinst Functions support, enhancements, bug fixes and more added in the Serverless Framework v1.22 release.
written byPhilipp Müns

Writing an Event-driven Serverless Application with Full Local Development Experience

Learn how to write an event-driven serverless application with full local development experience using the Serverless Application Platform.
written byRupak Ganguly

How to set up a custom domain name for Lambda & API Gateway with Serverless

Learn how to set up a custom domain name for AWS Lambda & API Gateway using the Serverless Framework to configure a clean domain name for your services.
written byAlex DeBrie

Serverless Ops 102 - CloudWatch Logs and Centralized Logging with AWS Lambda

Monitor and Debug your Serverless Lambda functions with CloudWatch and centralized logging.
written byAlex DeBrie

Scaling the Resistance - a Zero-maintenance Donations Platform with Serverless and AWS

To raise millions of dollars in donations, you need a zero-maintenance architecture that never turns a donor away
written byVictor Stone

Run Serverless Functions at half the cost with Spotinst & Serverless Framework

Using the Spotinst provider integration for serverless you can run multi-region, cross-cloud functions at 50-80% the cost
written byDavid Wells

Serverless v1.21 - Kubeless provider support, AWS credentials management and invoke improvements added

Kubeless support, AWS credentials management, new AWS service templates, invoke improvements, enhancements, bug fixes and more added in the Serverless Framework v1.21 release.
written byPhilipp Müns

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