When (and why) not to go serverless

The benefits, and the drawbacks, to serverless are real. When (and why) not to go serverless.
written byAndrea Passwater

How to contribute to Serverless open source projects

Interested in contributing to Serverless open source projects? Here's how you can.
written byAndrea Passwater

Serverless by the numbers: 2018 report

Serverless usage stats: event sources, service structures, runtimes, and more.
written byAndrea Passwater

Serverless Workarounds for CloudFormation's 200 Resource Limit

How you can troubleshoot, and avoid hitting, CloudFormation's 200 resource limit
written byAlex DeBrie

Best tools for serverless observability

The current best tools for serverless observability: benefits, drawbacks, and which are right for you.
written byAndrea Passwater

The serverless path to building better software

Nick Gottlieb shares his ServerlessConf Tokyo talk on serverless, the state of software, and ways to accelerate productivity.
written byNick Gottlieb

ETL job processing with Serverless, Lambda, and AWS Redshift

Build an ETL job service by fetching data from a public API endpoint and dumping it into an AWS Redshift database.
written byRupak Ganguly

Running a scalable & reliable GraphQL endpoint with Serverless

Learn how to create GraphQL endpoints using the Serverless Framework, Lambda, DynamoDB, RDS and a REST backend.
written bySiddharth Gupta

Fantastic Serverless security risks, and where to find them

A breakdown of the top serverless security risks, and steps you can take to secure your serverless applications.
written byAdnan Rahic

Communication strategies for remote teams

The Serverless team is distributed all over the world. Here's how we manage communication strategies and work together (remotely).
written byFelix Desroches

Implement real-time updates using Lambda and Websockets via IoT

Need a serverless way to give your app updated data in real-time? Try this solution with Websockets and Lambda.
written byTurner Houghton

Using the Serverless Dashboard plugin for Atom

Making it easier to manage serverless applications from within the Atom editor
written byRupak Ganguly

Serverless style - my journey from fashion to tech

Our newest team member, Charmmie, entered the tech industry from a career in high fashion. Here's her story.
written byCharmmie Hendon

Build a multi-region, multi-master application with Serverless and DynamoDB Global Tables

We're going to create a multi-region, multi-master, geo-routed application—all in about 30 minutes.
written byAlex DeBrie

How to apply design thinking to lean startup software development

Our foray into mixing design thinking with agile development—what worked, and what didn't.
written byBrian Neisler

Where to start: the most popular Framework plugins

Take your Serverless development to the next level. Check out our most popular community plugins.
written byAndrea Passwater

Serverless Framework example for Golang and Lambda

AWS Lambda Golang support is one of the most exciting announcements of 2018. Here's a quick template for using Go with the Serverless Framework!
written byMaciej Winnicki

Your CORS and API Gateway survival guide

Get the basics on Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) and how to avoid problems with your Serverless web APIs on Lambda.
written byAlex DeBrie

How to monitor AWS account activity with Cloudtrail, Cloudwatch Events and Serverless

Level up your AWS automation by reacting to events from AWS services.
written byAlex DeBrie

How to use AWS Fargate and Lambda for long-running processes in a Serverless app

We'll show you how to process a video file that extracts a thumbnail in Amazon ECS using Fargate and Lambda
written byRupak Ganguly

From chef to Serverless developer in 4 years

I started out my career as a chef. Now I'm a serverless developer.
written byKieran McCarthy

How To Manage Your Alexa Skills With Serverless

How to manage Alexa Skills and Lambda functions with Serverless Framework + Alexa Skills Plugin
written byMasashi Terui

Build a Github webhook handler with Serverless & AWS Lambda

Deploy a Serverless service that posts notifications of Github stars in a Slack channel
written byAlex DeBrie

Serverless v1.25 - S3 Transfer Acceleration, API Gateway endpoint type configuration, variable system improvements

S3 Transfer Acceleration, API Gateway endpoint type configuration, variable system improvements, enhancements, bug fixes and more added in the Serverless Framework v1.25 release.
written byPhilipp Müns

The state of serverless observability—why we built Thundra

Here's where serverless observability is today. Learn why we decided to build yet another AWS Lambda monitoring solution, Thundra.
written bySerkan Özal

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