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How To Use AWS Lambda & API Gateway to Send Shipment Tracking Updates via SMS with Shippo & Twilio

A guide on using Serverless to create an AWS Lambda function that triggers on updates sent to AWS API Gateway to send SMS updates via Twilio for shipments you're tracking using Shippo
written byRichard Moot

New Event Sources and Other Updates in v0.5.0 of the OpenWhisk Plugin for the Serverless Framework

The official OpenWhisk plugin for Serverless now includes support for Cloudant DB and IBM Message Hub events, exporting Web Actions and more.
written byStefanie Monge

One Chatbot, Two Millions Fans - How AbstractAI Reduced Back-End Costs By 95%

How Serverless Partner AbstractAI leveraged the Serverless Framework and Lambda to reduce the cost of running back-end services by 95%.
written byStefanie Monge

Using Serverless Authentication Boilerplate with FaunaDB

Use FaunaDB's secure database features with AWS API Gateway to run Lambdas with the capabilities of the authenticated user.
written byChris Anderson

Stream event improvements and custom roles for CloudFormation deployments with Serverless v1.9

Serverless variable system and stream event enhancements, CloudFormation services roles in the Serverless Framework v1.9 release.
written byPhilipp Müns

Build A Serverless Python Application with AWS + FaunaDB - The First Serverless Database

Learn how to build a Serverless Python app with serverless database FaunaDB.
written byChris Anderson

Advanced Plugin Development - Extending The Serverless Core Lifecycle

Learn how to expose lifecycle hooks in a hook-driven Serverless plugin.
written byFrank Schmid

How To Schedule Posts for Static Site Generators (Jekyll, Hugo, Phenomic etc.)

Open source static site scheduler tool built with serverless
written byDavid Wells

Test-Driven Serverless Application Development

Quick Start to Test-Driven Development with Serverless Framework.
written byEetu Tuomala

Azure Functions Support with Serverless v1.8

Azure functions provider plugin, inline policies, bug fixes and improvements in the Serverless Framework v1.8 release.
written byPhilipp Müns

Azure Functions Support & Possibility

Announcing Azure Functions support with the Serverless Framework
written byAusten Collins

CICD for Serverless Part 2 - AWS CodePipeline Integration

Part 2 of 2 on how to implement a CICD workflow for a Serverless project
written byPete Johnson

CICD for Serverless Part 1 - Mocha Endpoint Testing

Part 1 of 2 on how to implement a CICD workflow for a Serverless project
written byPete Johnson

How To Write Your First Plugin For The Serverless Framework - Part 2

Now that you've written your first Serverless plugin, learn about different approaches to implementation in part 2 of this series.
written byAnna Doubkova

Trigger Lambda functions through CloudWatch Events with Serverless v1.7

CloudWatch Events support, CLI deprecation warnings, lower memory usage during zipping, bugfixes and improvements in the Serverless Framework v1.7 release.
written byPhilipp Müns

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