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Nick Gottlieb

Nick is passionate about understanding and solving complex problems for software development teams. Prior to joining Serverless he was in charge of scaling growth at CircleCI and helped to design and build early versions of CircleCI Enterprise.

Posts from Nick

Google Cloud Functions goes GA: what it means for Serverless

Google Cloud Functions hits general availability. A big step forward for FaaS, vendor choice, and the serverless community.

written by Nick Gottlieb

On serverless, data lock-in and vendor choice

Vendor choice is the most important thing IT leaders could be thinking about today. And the path to achieving it is data portability.

written by Nick Gottlieb

engineering culture - 23.02.18

The serverless path to building better software

Nick Gottlieb shares his ServerlessConf Tokyo talk on serverless, the state of software, and ways to accelerate productivity.

written by Nick Gottlieb


How you can avoid parking tickets with a Serverless reminder

How to build a simple Serverless app that reminds you about street sweeping days in your neighborhood. Never get a parking ticket again!

written by Nick Gottlieb


Key takeaways for the future of serverless - Emit 2017 recap

Emit Conf 2017 has come and gone. Here are the key serverless takeaways you should know about.

written by Nick Gottlieb


Announcing Emit 2017

Announcing Emit, the conference on event-driven architectures.

written by Nick Gottlieb

news - 05.12.16

2016 AWS re:Invent Recap - Serverless Christmas came early

A recap of serverless news from AWS re:Invent 2016 & why it matters.

written by Nick Gottlieb


State of the Serverless Community Survey Results

Results of the State of the Serverless Community survey and what we learned.

written by Nick Gottlieb


Future of Serverless after 1.0

The future of Serverless and more on Service Composition Discovery, & Communication, Security Controls, plus Multi Provider Support

written by Nick Gottlieb

user stories - 18.10.16

Introducing Serverless Partners: Meet Trek10

Indiana based consultancy that specializes in using the latest services around container-based & event-driven architectures

written by Nick Gottlieb

user stories - 22.09.16

Introducing Serverless Partners: Meet Parallax

Learn how Parallax built An Infinitely Scalable Online Recording Campaign For David Guetta & UEFA

written by Nick Gottlieb

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