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Maciej Winnicki

Maciej Winnicki is a principal software engineer at Serverless Inc. He works on the Event Gateway that helps developers build event-driven serverless architectures.

guides & tutorials - 18.01.18
Serverless Framework example for Golang and Lambda
AWS Lambda Golang support is one of the most exciting announcements of 2018. Here's a quick template for using Go with the Serverless Framework!

written by Maciej Winnicki

How (and why) we designed the Event Gateway
How do you design a tool that tows the line between 'exciting new ground' and 'real world practicality'? We asked a lot of those questions with the Event Gateway.

written by Maciej Winnicki

Serverless Database Wish List - What's Missing Today
A wish list for bringing databases up to speed in the era of serverless application development.

written by Maciej Winnicki

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