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Jared Short

Jared Short, Head of Developer Relations and Experience at Serverless, Inc., and is based in Washington, DC. He comes to the company with a strong background in and building, operating and maintaining serverless and event-driven systems.

Posts from Jared

guides & tutorials - 04.12.18

Building an API with Ruby and the Serverless Framework

AWS Lambda now supports Ruby! Here's how you can get started and build an API with the Serverless Framework.

written by Jared Short

news - 30.11.18

Introducing: the Serverless Open Runtime

AWS has just announced “Bring Your Own Runtime” to AWS Lambda. We’re launching the Serverless Open Runtime to take it to the next level.

written by Jared Short

news - 29.11.18

Real-time applications with API Gateway WebSockets and AWS Lambda

AWS just announced API Gateway WebSockets support, and the serverless community got pretty excited. Here's why.

written by Jared Short

news - 28.11.18

What Firecracker open-source means for the serverless community

AWS open-sourced Firecracker, the Lambda and Fargate core. Here’s what it means for the serverless community.

written by Jared Short

news - 07.11.18

Jared Short: Why I joined Serverless

Jared Short has joined the Serverless, Inc. team as Head of Developer Relations and Experience. Here's why.

written by Jared Short

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