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Eslam Hefnawy

Eslam Hefnawy is a senior developer at Serverless Inc. He leads the team in charge of building and maintaining the Serverless Framework — an application framework for building web, mobile and IoT applications powered by AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway and in the future other FaaS providers.

Posts from Eslam

How to streamline your serverless workflow with WebStorm

In this post, I’d like to share with you my serverless-specific IDE setup with WebStorm, and how it can massively accelerate your serverless workflow.

written by Eslam Hefnawy

Unit testing for Node.js Serverless projects with Jest

Create unit tests for Node.js using the Serverless Framework, run tests on CI, and check off our list of serverless testing best practices.

written by Eslam Hefnawy

guides & tutorials - 31.05.18

How to Create a Dynamic Site with Pre-built Serverless Components

A step-by-step tutorial that guides you through creating a dynamic website with pre-built Serverless Components.

written by Eslam Hefnawy

How to Test Serverless Applications

Tips from the Serverless team - how we test serverless applications.

written by Eslam Hefnawy

DevOps Use Cases With Serverless Variables

Serverless Framework Engineer Eslam Hefnawy explores creative use cases for using Serverless Variables to optimize and automate operations.

written by Eslam Hefnawy


Serverless Code Patterns

Learn the best ways to structure your Serverless applications by applying theses architectural patterns

written by Eslam Hefnawy

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