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Austen Collins

Austen Collins is the founder and CEO of Serverless, Inc. and the creator of the Serverless Framework.

Posts from Austen

The new Serverless Platform Beta: everything teams need to operationalize serverless development

The Serverless Platform Beta is everything teams need to operationalize serverless development. Build, operate, and integrate serverless applications in a single toolkit.

written by Austen Collins

news - 06.12.17

Introducing OpenEvents

Announcing a specification for describing event data in a common way

written by Austen Collins


Event Gateway - The Missing Piece of Serverless Architectures

Event Gateway is the backbone of your serverless architectures. React to any event, with any function, on any cloud.

written by Austen Collins


Azure Functions Support & Possibility

Announcing Azure Functions support with the Serverless Framework

written by Austen Collins


Releasing Serverless Framework V.1 & Fundraising

Serverless, Inc. has brought Serverless Framework V.1 out of beta and also closed a seed round from Trinity Ventures.

written by Austen Collins

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