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Alex DeBrie

Alex is a data engineer at Serverless. He is an ex-lawyer who loves Python, basketball, and his family.

Posts from Alex

guides & tutorials - 06.12.18

DynamoDB On-Demand: When, why and how to use it in your serverless applications

DynamoDB On-Demand allows truly serverless billing for your applications. Learn how to use it here, and when you should or shouldn't go on-demand.

written by Alex DeBrie

news - 27.11.18

All the Serverless announcements at re:Invent 2018

Not at AWS re:Invent? That's ok; we're compiling all the most important serverless announcements and updates. Updating live all week.

written by Alex DeBrie

guides & tutorials - 19.11.18

Building a chat application using AWS AppSync and Serverless

Let's build a chat app using AWS AppSync and the Serverless Framework! Plus: info on data sources, metrics and logs, and authentication.

written by Alex DeBrie


How to use the Serverless Event Gateway: build a REST API and react to custom events

How to use the Serverless Event Gateway (part of the Serverless Platform) to build REST APIs and react to custom events.

written by Alex DeBrie

Using SQS with AWS Lambda and Serverless

Get started with Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Serverless, and learn some of the important configuration options.

written by Alex DeBrie

news - 03.05.18

React to any cloud event with hosted Event Gateway

Event Gateway as a hosted service, configurable connectors, and a plugin for the Serverless Framework.

written by Alex DeBrie

Serverless Workarounds for CloudFormation's 200 Resource Limit

How you can troubleshoot, and avoid hitting, CloudFormation's 200 resource limit

written by Alex DeBrie

Build a multi-region, multi-master application with Serverless and DynamoDB Global Tables

We're going to create a multi-region, multi-master, geo-routed application—all in about 30 minutes.

written by Alex DeBrie

Your CORS and API Gateway survival guide

Get the basics on Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) and how to avoid problems with your Serverless web APIs on Lambda.

written by Alex DeBrie

guides & tutorials - 03.01.18

Build a Github webhook handler with Serverless & AWS Lambda

Deploy a Serverless service that posts notifications of Github stars in a Slack channel

written by Alex DeBrie


Automate your DynamoDB backups with Serverless in less than 5 minutes

Using the Serverless Framework, you can set up automatic backups of your DynamoDB table.

written by Alex DeBrie

Serverless Aurora: What it means and why it's the future of data

Learn what Serverless Aurora is, what it means for serverless developers, and why we think it's the future of data. Solving the serverless data layer.

written by Alex DeBrie

news - 27.11.17

The Ultimate Guide to Serverless Announcements @ AWS re:Invent 2017

Your go-to resource for all Serverless announcements at AWS re:Invent.

written by Alex DeBrie

guides & tutorials - 16.11.17

Build a Python REST API with Serverless, Lambda, and DynamoDB

Deploy a Serverless REST API in minutes using the popular Flask web framework

written by Alex DeBrie

The ABCs of IAM: Managing permissions with Serverless

Learn the basics of IAM permissions with your Serverless projects.

written by Alex DeBrie


Building an image recognition endpoint with Serverless and Google Cloud Functions.

Use Serverless, Google Cloud Functions, and the Cloud Vision API to build an endpoint to classify images.

written by Alex DeBrie

Managing secrets, API keys and more with Serverless

Use Lambda environment variables and AWS Parameter Store to handle configuration in your Serverless projects

written by Alex DeBrie

guides & tutorials - 04.10.17

Deploy a REST API using Serverless, Express and Node.js

Learn how to use the popular Express.js framework to deploy a REST API with Serverless, DynamoDB and API Gateway.

written by Alex DeBrie

How to deploy multiple micro-services under one API domain with Serverless

Learn how to use the same domain name for multiple Serverless services with API Gateway base path mappings.

written by Alex DeBrie

guides & tutorials - 11.09.17

How to set up a custom domain name for Lambda & API Gateway with Serverless

Learn how to set up a custom domain name for AWS Lambda & API Gateway using the Serverless Framework to configure a clean domain name for your services.

written by Alex DeBrie

Serverless Ops 102 - CloudWatch Logs and Centralized Logging with AWS Lambda

Monitor and Debug your Serverless Lambda functions with CloudWatch and centralized logging.

written by Alex DeBrie

Serverless Ops 101 - Using CloudWatch Metrics & Alarms with Serverless Functions

Level up your serverless ops game with a walkthrough on CloudWatch metrics and alarms

written by Alex DeBrie

guides & tutorials - 04.08.17

How to Handle your Python packaging in Lambda with Serverless plugins

Handling Python dependencies in your Lambda functions can be a pain. Here's how I handle Python packaging with Serverless for dev/prod parity.

written by Alex DeBrie


Challenges and patterns for building event-driven architectures

Learn some tips and tricks as you move to an event-driven architecture

written by Alex DeBrie


Event-driven processing with Serverless and DynamoDB streams

Learn how to use DynamoDB streams and AWS Lambda to keep your search indexes and CRM tools up to date.

written by Alex DeBrie

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