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#Azure - Invoke

Invokes deployed function. It allows to send event data to the function, read logs and display other important information of the function invocation.

serverless invoke --function functionName


  • --function or -f The name of the function in your service that you want to invoke. Required.
  • --path or -p The path to a json file with input data to be passed to the invoked function. This path is relative to the root directory of the service.

#Provided lifecycle events

  • invoke:invoke


#Azure Functions

serverless invoke --function functionName

This example will invoke your deployed function on the configured platform endpoint. This will output the result of the invocation in your terminal.

#Function invocation with data

serverless invoke --function functionName --data '{"name": "Bernie"}'

#Function invocation with data from standard input

node dataGenerator.js | serverless invoke --function functionName

#Function invocation with data passing

serverless invoke --function functionName --path lib/data.json

This example will pass the json data in the lib/data.json file (relative to the root of the service) while invoking the specified/deployed function.

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