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#Serverless Platform (Beta)

The Serverless Platform is currently in experimental beta. If you'd like to participate in the beta, simply follow the instructions below.


Make sure you have Node.js installed and run:

$ npm i serverless -g

Then, check the version to make sure you are using V1.20.0, or later:

$ serverless -v


First, register or log in to the Serverless platform in via the CLI

$ serverless login

After logging into the platform via the Serverless framework CLI every deploy will be published privately to the Serverless Platform. It allows you to view and share your deployed services.

Give it a try with a new service, or an existing service:

$ serverless deploy

Then visit in your browser.

Note: You can toggle auto-publishing by adding the publish config in serverless.yml:

  name: my-service
  publish: false # disable auto-publishing

#Beta CLI Commands

Logging in to the platform enables access to beta features of the Serverless framework.

#serverless run

Start local development mode for a Serverless service. This mode downloads and installs the event-gateway and the serverless emulator. Both of these are used to emulate a serverless service and develop against them locally.

#serverless emit

Emit an event to an event-gateway.

#serverless login

Register or log in to the platform.

#serverless logout

Logout of the platform.