Serverless Framework Docs


The Serverless Framework Dashboard enables you to create and manage secrets, helping you secure your services by securely storing secrets used by your Serverless Framework services. The Serverless Framework Dashboard provides an interface to store and encrypt secrets and manage access to those secrets from your services. The Serverless Framework loads the secrets when the service is deployed.

#Creating a new Secret

Create a new secret by navigating to profiles in the Serverless Framework Dashboard.

  1. Navigate into the profile you would like to use for the Secret.
  2. Navigate into the secrets tab.
  3. Set a key and value and click add.
  4. Repeat Step 3 for each secret you would like to add.
  5. When done, click save changes.

#Using a Secret to deploy

To use a secret, first make sure that the profile containing that secret is configured as the default deployment profile for your application, or it is configured as the profile on the stage and application you are using.

In your serverless.yml file add the variable ${secrets:<key>} anywhere you would like to use the secret. The <key> references the secret key configured in the profile.

When you run serverless deploy the secret values will be obtained, decrypted and used to replace the variables in the serverless.yml for the deployment.

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