Serverless Framework Docs


The Serverless Framework helps you build serverless apps with radically less overhead and cost. It provides a powerful, unified experience to develop, deploy, test, secure and monitor your serverless applications.

The Serverless Framework consists of an open source CLI that makes it easy to develop, deploy and test serverless apps across different cloud providers, as well as a hosted Dashboard that includes features designed to further simplify serverless development, deployment, and testing, and enable you to easily secure and monitor your serverless apps.

If you are new to serverless and want to experience how fast and easy it is to build a serverless app, or if you are an experienced user of the Serverless Framework open source CLI and want to explore new features of the Framework, you can get started here, for free.


Search our full examples repository for project examples using all languages and FaaS providers.


Learn how to create Serverless projects, build and deploy your apps in any provider.

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