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Serverless for Frontend Developers

by Fernando Medina Corey

About this course

The goal of this course is to expose you to the variety of ways you can use the Serverless Framework, and serverless technologies generally, in your frontend development work. We'll look at multiple ways of deploying and configuring websites on AWS. First, we'll use Serverless Components to quickly set up our website with a Route 53 custom domain, SSL through AWS Certificate Manager, caching and content distribution via CloudFront, and static hosting on Amazon S3 - All in a few lines of configuration.

After looking at that, we'll also take a closer look at how you could do this step by step using Serverless Framework plugins, and a more hands-on approach inside the AWS console. This will allow you to see what's really happening behind the scenes in AWS and make a more educated decision about what solutions are best for you.

From there, we'll learn how to create and integrate basic APIs in our frontend applications and how to add authentication and authorization with Auth0 to our applications. By the end, you'll have a fully functional frontend application that provides logged in and logged out users different experiences and enforces some controls over what those users can do depending on their characteristics.

We will assume a little basic knowledge about the serverless framework and some of the technologies. But the course will also reference other materials to help you work through the entire process.


• Serverless Framework.  

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• Text and source code editor

• Chrome or Safari browser

16 video lessons

Beginner - Intermediate

1 hr 15 min

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