Working at Serverless

Build more and manage less.
Join us in simplifying the way software is built.

Our values

Serverless is a group project

It takes the whole team working together to meet Serverless’ bold and ambitious goals. We help each other and strive to remove any roadblocks slowing our teammates down. We hold each other accountable and communicate expectations clearly through asynchronous communication (Slack, Github, Email) and ask for help when we need it.

Focus on results

It’s easy to get distracted when pioneering technology in a new space. We keep the team successful by setting clear goals that start at the company level and work their way down to each individual team member. We focus on results and celebrate success as a team.

Blaze the trail

As the first mover in the serverless space our team is bold and ambitious. We think outside the box and are always looking for ways to embrace new technology and make it accessible to our community.

Open source forever

The open source community is an integral strategy to our success. We will never forget where we came from and pledge to always give back.

Keep it simple

It’s easy to overly complicate language, code, and projects. We strive to create the most simple and elegant solutions. When communicating we ask, “How can I say this in five words instead of ten?”

Work with freedom and responsibility

Be a good teammate, honor your commitments, and strive to exceed all expectations. However you manage to do that is up to you.

Benefits and Perks

Competitive salary and equity in well-funded high-growth company
Generous healthcare, vision, and family leave policies
Unlimited paid time off with a minimum requirement of unplugging for at least 20 days/ year
Biannual team retreats (past retreats include Austria, Northern California, and Thailand)
Remote friendly and flexible work schedule
Culture of empowerment. Our entire company, from processes to values, lives in a Github repo that anyone can propose changes to.