#About Serverless

#Why you will love working with us


We have a huge goal: to empower developers to build the next great software products and companies by allowing them to focus more time on building product and less on operations, scaling and infrastructure management. If you enjoy disrupting large industries and working on big hairy problems, you’ll love it here.


We place the same focus on productivity with our team members that we do with our customers. That means great tooling, light-weight processes, and the removal of distractions so that you have the freedom to get stuff done.

#Personal Happiness

We believe that happy people are productive people and we make it a goal to give you enough time and space to develop your personal life along with your professional life. That means unlimited paid vacation with a required minimum of 20 days off per year.


We want everyone to have a clear understanding of the state of the company and to contribute to different parts of the organization. That means opening up as much information as possible including finances, salaries, and metrics.


  • Fully remote team
  • Competitive pay/equity based on transparent worldwide formula
  • Working on and with cutting-edge technology
  • Being an early part of quickly growing company
  • Top-tier investment firms
  • Sponsored speaking at conferences
  • Unlimited paid vacation with 20 minimum vacation days everyone has to take to be productive

#Current Job listings