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news - 30.11.18

Introducing: the Serverless Open Runtime

AWS has just announced “Bring Your Own Runtime” to AWS Lambda. We’re launching the Serverless Open Runtime to take it to the next level.

written by Jared Short

news - 29.11.18

Real-time applications with API Gateway WebSockets and AWS Lambda

AWS just announced API Gateway WebSockets support, and the serverless community got pretty excited. Here's why.

written by Jared Short

guides & tutorialsnews - 29.11.18

How to publish and use AWS Lambda Layers with the Serverless Framework

Learn about AWS's recently introduced Lambda Layers and how to publish and use them with Serverless Framework.

written by Daniel Schep

news - 28.11.18

What Firecracker open-source means for the serverless community

AWS open-sourced Firecracker, the Lambda and Fargate core. Here’s what it means for the serverless community.

written by Jared Short

news - 27.11.18

All the Serverless announcements at re:Invent 2018

Not at AWS re:Invent? That's ok; we're compiling all the most important serverless announcements and updates. Updating live all week.

written by Alex DeBrie

guides & tutorialsnews - 26.11.18

The re:Invent serverless virtual hackathon begins NOW

We’re closing out #NoServerNovember with a special-edition virtual hackathon for AWS re:Invent. Participate from anywhere, win cool prizes.

written by Thom Crowe

news - 07.11.18

Jared Short: Why I joined Serverless

Jared Short has joined the Serverless, Inc. team as Head of Developer Relations and Experience. Here's why.

written by Jared Short

guides & tutorialsnews - 01.11.18

No Server November: Join the #noServerNovember challenge!

All November, we're posting a series of serverless challenges. Do the challenge, tweet it out, and you might get swag!

written by Andrea Passwater

newsguides & tutorials - 11.09.18

Use Cloudflare Workers + Serverless Framework to add reliability and uptime to your FaaS

Cloudflare Workers integrates with the Serverless Framework. Use Cloudflare Workers to add reliability and uptime to your existing FaaS!

written by Raees Bhatti

news - 10.09.18

The Serverless Framework wins Best Microservices API at the API Awards!

API World, the largest API conference, awarded the Serverless Framework the top honor for Microservices API!

written by Andrea Passwater

newsguides & tutorials - 16.08.18

Host your own CNCF CloudEvents compatible Event Gateway on Kubernetes, point to any FaaS

The Serverless Event Gateway quickstart for Kubernetes. Host your own private Event Gateway, point to any FaaS provider with CloudEvents.

written by Sebastian Borza

news - 31.07.18

ServerlessConf 2018 San Francisco: key takeaways for the future of serverless

Missed ServerlessConf in San Francisco this week? No worries, we got you. Here are the key takeaways you'll want to know about.

written by Andrea Passwater

The new Serverless Platform Beta: everything teams need to operationalize serverless development

The Serverless Platform Beta is everything teams need to operationalize serverless development. Build, operate, and integrate serverless applications in a single toolkit.

written by Austen Collins

Google Cloud Functions goes GA: what it means for Serverless

Google Cloud Functions hits general availability. A big step forward for FaaS, vendor choice, and the serverless community.

written by Nick Gottlieb

newsengineering culture - 19.07.18

2018 Serverless Community Survey: huge growth in serverless usage

We asked you, our dev community, how you’re using serverless. And even we were surprised by how much things have grown. Ready for the data?

written by Andrea Passwater

news - 10.07.18

Serverless updates - SQS events, private endpoints, Event Gateway open source

Serverless Framework v1.28 adds SQS support & private endpoints for API Gateway, plus tons of updates to Event Gateway open source.

written by Andrea Passwater

news - 17.05.18

Serverless Platform updates - Install Components from url, Fn Project support, CloudEvents

See what's new in Serverless Components, Framework, and Event Gatway. Install Components from url, Fn Project support, and more.

written by Brian Neisler

news - 03.05.18

React to any cloud event with hosted Event Gateway

Event Gateway as a hosted service, configurable connectors, and a plugin for the Serverless Framework.

written by Alex DeBrie

Fn Project brings containerized, cloud-agnostic functions to a cloud near you

The Fn Project is an open source, container-native serverless platform that you can run anywhere—on any cloud or on-premise.

written by David Wells

newsguides & tutorials - 25.04.18

What are Serverless Components, and how do I use them?

Serverless Components gives you a way to compose and share parts of a cloud application. Serverless development just got even easier.

written by Brian Neisler

newsengineering culture - 10.04.18

Introducing our first cohort of 2018 Serverless Champions

Serverless Champions are leaders in the Serverless Community. Meet our 2018 community heroes.

written by Rupak Ganguly

newsguides & tutorials - 02.04.18

AWS Lambda Node.js 8 support: what it changes for serverless developers

AWS Lambda just moved to support Node.js 8.10. This is what serverless developers need to know.

written by David Wells

newsengineering culture - 09.03.18

Serverless by the numbers: 2018 report

Serverless usage stats: event sources, service structures, runtimes, and more.

written by Andrea Passwater

news - 21.12.17

Serverless v1.25 - S3 Transfer Acceleration, API Gateway endpoint type configuration, variable system improvements

S3 Transfer Acceleration, API Gateway endpoint type configuration, variable system improvements, enhancements, bug fixes and more added in the Serverless Framework v1.25 release.

written by Philipp Müns

newsengineering culture - 13.12.17

The Serverless Champions Program HAS BEGUN!

Do you have what it takes to be a Serverless Champion?

written by Rupak Ganguly

news - 06.12.17

Introducing OpenEvents

Announcing a specification for describing event data in a common way

written by Austen Collins

Serverless Aurora: What it means and why it's the future of data

Learn what Serverless Aurora is, what it means for serverless developers, and why we think it's the future of data. Solving the serverless data layer.

written by Alex DeBrie

news - 27.11.17

The Ultimate Guide to Serverless Announcements @ AWS re:Invent 2017

Your go-to resource for all Serverless announcements at AWS re:Invent.

written by Alex DeBrie

news - 23.08.17

The Definitive Guide to Serverless Architectures

The Serverless Guide is the open-source, definitive guide to serverless architectures. A single resource for serverless developers and organizations.

written by Rupak Ganguly

news - 05.12.16

2016 AWS re:Invent Recap - Serverless Christmas came early

A recap of serverless news from AWS re:Invent 2016 & why it matters.

written by Nick Gottlieb

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