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Stefanie Monge

Stefanie Monge manages the Serverless blog and global Meetups program. She works with the Serverless team and contributors to cultivate and share stories about serverless architectures and the people who build them.

Posts from Stefanie


Serverless (Cron)icle #2 - News from the Serverless Community

A roundup of links and videos from the serverless ecosystem that caught our attention this week.

written by Stefanie Monge


Introducing Serverless (Cron)icle - News from the Serverless Ecosystem

A roundup of serverless and FaaS links that caught our attention this week.

written by Stefanie Monge

user stories - 06.04.17

Using Serverless Technology to Bootstrap the Platform for a Billion Dollar Business Opportunity

How SC5 used Serverless to create the backend for a revolutionary transportation app.

written by Stefanie Monge


New Event Sources and Other Updates in v0.5.0 of the OpenWhisk Plugin for the Serverless Framework

The official OpenWhisk plugin for Serverless now includes support for Cloudant DB and IBM Message Hub events, exporting Web Actions and more.

written by Stefanie Monge


One Chatbot, Two Millions Fans - How AbstractAI Reduced Back-End Costs By 95%

How Serverless Partner AbstractAI leveraged the Serverless Framework and Lambda to reduce the cost of running back-end services by 95%.

written by Stefanie Monge


Announcing OpenWhisk Integration with the Serverless Framework

The new OpenWhisk provider plugin allows developers to build applications for the OpenWhisk cloud platform using the Serverless Framework.

written by Stefanie Monge


Talking Serverless Framework Features & How To Use Them in a Webinar with Cloud Academy

Serverless CEO Austen Collins chats with Cloud Academy about new framework features and gives an overview of basic application lifecycle management with Serverless.

written by Stefanie Monge


Talking re:Invent & the Latest Serverless Framework Features in the Dec. 8th Office Hours Live Video Recording

Developer Evangelist David Wells & Core Framework Engineer Eslam Hefnawy recap Lambda announcements from re:Invent and answer questions in the 2nd edition of Serverless Office Hours.

written by Stefanie Monge


Introducing Serverless Office Hours

Join the Serverless team in our first edition of Office Hours for a live chat to answer all your questions about the latest release.

written by Stefanie Monge


Building A Better Australian Census Website with Serverless Architecture

Two students built an alternative Australian Bureau of Statistics Census website for 0 million less than the Australian government

written by Stefanie Monge


Serverless CEO Austen Collins on The New Stack Makers Podcast

Austen talks about the Serverless Framework and the important role our open source community plays in shaping it

written by Stefanie Monge


Interview with Peter Sbarski of Serverlessconf London + Registration Discount

Peter Sbarski discusses how Serverlessconf came to be and what it's future holds

written by Stefanie Monge


Defining Serverless and Why It Matters to Developers

You’ve probably heard the term serverless. But what does it actually mean? And more importantly, as a developer, why should you care?

written by Stefanie Monge

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