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Fernando Medina Corey

Fernando is a Python-loving software engineer specializing in AWS applications and architectures.

guides & tutorials - 07.11.19
Migrating Monitoring from IOpipe to Serverless Framework Pro
Learn how to migrate your serverless application monitoring to Serverless Framework Pro from IOpipe.

written by Fernando Medina Corey

guides & tutorials - 14.10.19
Serverless Deployment Best Practices
Learn some of the best practices when it comes to deploying serverless applications.

written by Fernando Medina Corey

Deploy a Serverless Frontend with the Serverless Finch Plugin
Learn how to deploy a static website to AWS with the Serverless Finch Plugin.

written by Fernando Medina Corey

New to serverless?

To get started, pop open your terminal & run:

npm install serverless -g