Serverless Acceleration Program
Everything you need to take Serverless into production.

Who We Are

We are developers who live and breath Serverless and are passionate about sharing our knowledge with other developers. We created and maintain the Serverless Framework alongside one of the largest and most passionate development communities in the world.




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Who we've helped

We’ve also helped many development organizations evolve from early adopters into some of the most advanced serverless development organizations in the world. We love partnering with development teams that are interested in building more and managing less.

Who the program is for

The Serverless Accelerator Program is designed for development teams that are interested in doing Serverless development right. If you've realized the value that Serverless brings, from faster time to market to lower total cost of ownership, and would like assistance with standardizing tooling, defining best practices, architectural design, deployment strategies, and training your team then the Serverless Accelerator Program is probably right for you.

What you get

All the training, support, and tooling you need to take Serverless into production.

Customized Workshop

The custom 1-day workshop, led by a Serverless expert, is focused on helping you solve your most pressing Serverless challenges. Some common workshop agenda items include:


Standardizing Serverless tooling


Serverless development best practices and how-tos


Custom serverless use case templates


Architectural reviews and AWS best practices


DevOps strategies including CI/CD, security, operations, and more


Serverless API design patterns

Dedicated Support

The Serverless Acceleration Program includes a 1-year dedicated support contract to ensure that you have the assistance you need to evolve and grow your serverless development. Our Serverless experts, who built the Serverless Framework, will be available to help with Serverless development issues, Serverless best practices, troubleshooting, configuration and deployment assistance, and AWS services inquiries.

Serverless Framework Enterprise

The Serverless Acceleration Program includes licenses for Serverless Framework Enterprise to ensure you have the complete tooling needed to scale serverless development in production. From monitoring and debugging to secret management and team collaboration, Serverless Framework Enterprise will ensure you have the proper Serverless tooling standardized across your team.

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